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About The Book

What is love? What is the truth about love, pain, and moving on? Can you be a lover and still be your own person? Will you love again after picking up the pieces of your broken heart? Why are relationships complicated?

Answers to these questions can be found in Bae. This collection of poems represents author and poet Elias Elliot’s love, reality, and reflections when it comes to emotions.

Get lost in his poignant poetry that will make your heart beat faster and let the butterflies in your stomach come alive.

Elias Elliot

About The Author

My name is Elias Elliot, and I’m from Houston, Texas. I love to express myself in words with rhythm and rhyme. My thought patterns are visible in my writing, which is why you’re free to say that I’m a romantic. The idea of love, relationships, and companionships makes me feel warm and blissful—like the comfortable feeling of being at home on a rainy day while sipping your favorite hot drink.

I enjoyed writing these poems and collecting them into one poetry book. I hope you will also enjoy each of these poems as you leaf through the pages.


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